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Updated: 11-August-2020Valid until: 14-August-2020

Participation Bonds

Company Product Nominal Rate Five-Year Rate on Maturity Min Inv Amount Initial Charges Management Cost
Fedgroup Secured Investment Fixed 7.80% 9.50% * R 5 000 0.00% 0.00%
Fedgroup Secured Investment Variable 8.10% 9.95% ** R 5 000 0.00% 0.00%
Fedgroup Tax-Free Option 4.5% Varies, based on investment term R 500 0.00% 0.00%

The Fund aims to offer excellent interest income, whilst securing capital invested. Commission can be negotiated with the client. No fees are levied to the client. Fedgroup Participation Bond Managers (Pty) Ltd is registered with the Financial Services Board as a Participation Bond Manager.

* Rate on maturity if the interest is reinvested over the five-year period at a nominal rate of 7.8% p.a.
** A variable interest rate is based on the prime lending rate, calculated on a nominal rate of 8.1% p.a.

Money Market Funds

Company Effect Rate Initial charges Min Inv Amount Management cost
Allan Gray 5.230% 0.000% R 20,000 0.290%
Cadiz 4.890% 0.000% R 20,000 0.290%
Coronation 4.670% 0.000% R 10,000 0.250%
Glacier 4.540% 0.000% R 100,000 0.460%
Old Mutual Unit Trust 4.520% 0.000% R 10,000 0.570%
SYmmETRY 4.470% 0.000% R 10,000 0.570%
Absa* 4.410% 0.400% R 100,000 0.570%
Nedbank 4.310% 0.000% R 10,000 0.570%
PSG 4.090% 0.000% R 25,000 0.570%
Prudential 4.070% 0.000% R 50,000 0.400%

  1. Notes on Symmetry Money Market Fund : Applicable to LISP clients only.

  2. Notes on Absa Money Market Fund : The maximum initial charge is 0.40% (incl. VAT) of consideration received and will include a maximum of 0.24% (incl. VAT) payable for commissions and incentives.

  3. Notes on Nedbank Money Market: The rolling 7-day yield,as at Friday 7 August 2020 was 4.31% p.a. This is the average return over the past 7 days, annualised, and calculated as an effective rate for a one-year investment. The nominal return for August 2020 (the latest figure available) was 4.17 % p.a. These figures apply to all investments, irrespective of amount.They can now accept debit order with a minimum of R500 pm.

  4. Notes on the Coronation Money Market Fund: The fund aims to obtain as high a level of current income as is consistent with capital preservation and liquidity. The fund's benchmark is the Alexander Forbes Short Term Fixed Interest (STeFI) Benchmark. Management fees of 0.25 % excluding VAT are calculated on an annual basis.

  5. Notes on the Allan Gray Money Market Fund: A maximum initial charge of 3.42% (inclusive of VAT) is payable to the adviser as commission subject to restrictions when selecting an Annual Financial Adviser Fee ranging between 0%-1.14% (incl VAT). No initial charges are levied by the Fund. The Fund accepts monthly investments of R500 monthly (via debit order).

  6. Notes on Glacier Market Funds: Class B rated AAAm by CA Ratings. Class B is available through Glacier Financial Solutions (Glacier) products. No minimum investment required, however, clients must adhere to Glacier product minimums. Fees: 0% initial fee, 0.4% p.a. annual fund management fee and usual Glacier linked product fees.

  7. Notes on Old Mutual Unit Trusts : A maximum initial charge of 0.68% (inclusive of VAT) is payable to the adviser as commission. No initial administration charge is levied