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Money Markets

Fedgroup banner 2021-06-07

Updated: 02-August-2021 Valid until: 06-August-2021

Participation Bonds

Company Product Nominal Rate Five-Year Rate on Maturity Min Inv Amount Initial Charges Management Cost
Fedgroup Secured Investment Growth Option 7.6% 9.21% * R 5 000 0.00% 0.00%
Fedgroup Secured Investment Income Option 7.6% Varies, based on income paid out R 5 000 0.00% 0.00%
Fedgroup Secured Investment Tax-Free Option 4.25% Varies, based on investment term R 500 0.00% 0.00%

* The rate is based on a five-year investment calculated at a fixed nominal rate of 7.6% p.a.

Money Market Funds

CompanyEffect RateInitial chargesMin Inv AmountManagement cost
Coronation4.680%0.000%R 10 000.000.250%
Cadiz4.550%0.000%R 20 000.000.290%
Allan Gray4.250%0.000%R 20 000.000.290%
Nedbank4.060%0.000%R 10 000.000.570%
Old Mutual Unit Trust3.910%0.000%R 10 000.000.570%
Prudential3.890%0.000%R 50 000.000.400%
PSG3.730%0.000%R 25 000.000.570%
SYmmETRY3.710%0.000%R 10 000.000.570%
  1. Notes on Symmetry Money Market Fund : Applicable to LISP clients only.
  2. Notes on Nedbank Money Market: The rolling 7-day yield,as at Friday 30 August 2021 was 4.06% p.a. This is the average return over the past 7 days, annualised, and calculated as an effective rate for a one-year investment. The nominal return for August 2021(the latest figure available) was 3.86% p.a. These figures apply to all investments, irrespective of amount.They can now accept debit order with a minimum of R500 pm.
  3. Notes on the Coronation Money Market Fund: The fund aims to obtain as high a level of current income as is consistent with capital preservation and liquidity. The fund's benchmark is the Alexander Forbes Short Term Fixed Interest (STeFI) Benchmark. Management fees of 0.25 % excluding VAT are calculated on an annual basis.
  4. Notes on the Allan Gray Money Market Fund: A maximum initial charge of 3.42% (inclusive of VAT) is payable to the adviser as commission subject to restrictions when selecting an Annual Financial Adviser Fee ranging between 0%-1.14% (incl VAT). No initial charges are levied by the Fund. The Fund accepts monthly investments of R500 monthly (via debit order).
  5. Notes on Glacier Market Funds: Class B rated AAAm by CA Ratings. Class B is available through Glacier Financial Solutions (Glacier) products. No minimum investment required, however, clients must adhere to Glacier product minimums. Fees: 0% initial fee, 0.4% p.a. annual fund management fee and usual Glacier linked product fees.
  6. Notes on Old Mutual Unit Trusts : A maximum initial charge of 0.68% (inclusive of VAT) is payable to the adviser as commission. No initial administration charge is levied